Thursday, February 23, 2012

Inspired pictures

Master bedroom

The style is called "Coastal living" so you can google image "coastal bedroom" to get the idea

Excuse my crude drawing I just wanted to share with you the basic layout for the master bedroom...

I definitely still want the platform under the bed. This can be of a carpet or what looks like white-washed wood panels.

Most of the photos of coastal bedrooms have mosquito nets or drapes of sorts so if you could somehow incorporate that around the bed that would be fab. :D

As for the silly looking portrait on top of the bed I was actually thinking of forcing Mike to do a themed photoshoot with me of us wearing sailor costumes, to add a bit of fun, humour and "us" into the room.

The photoshoot's look will be inspired by Jay Chou's MV, check it out, it's super cute:

And here are some more pictures of other people's coastal bedrooms:

I LOVE the blue green/sea foam/or what you like to call "cyan" colour. Hopefully that's the colour that will accent the room.

I actually don't mind if it even goes a little nautical because the photoshoot will have these colours, although this is a bit too dark.

As for the TV area, I was thinking of just mounting it on the wall and perhaps putting a little narrow table underneath it.

Master bedroom toilet

I put this in just because I like the shell basin o_o

As my mother has cruelly pointed out "But other people really live beside the beach leh." I may not have the beach but maybe a wallpaper of a beach can do for now lol.

Anyway who wants to stay at a beach there are sandflies and stuff *sour grapes*

Living room


Love love love this kitchen's colour theme!! What's more, I'm gonna meet the Smeg fridge people today so that fridge is gonna be MINE!!!

Princess Room

Just some pictures I found are pretty, just for inspiration


Gonna be twirling these roses all around :D

Guest Toilet

Ok, that's it!

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